The Problem You Think Is the Problem Is NOT the Problem!

Do you have problems that you haven’t been able to resolve? If so, you’ve been going about it all wrong. Because when you get right to the root of a problem, any problem, it’s really not difficult to resolve.

In a lifetime of helping people solve their problems, I never met anyone who actually knew how to get to the root of a problem. That’s why they, and you, can’t solve your problems.

You see, the problem you think is the problem is NOT the problem. The problem that IS the problem is not the problem you would ever think is the problem.

THAT is the problem!

Most people address symptoms of their problems and never even get close to the root of the problem itself.

That doesn’t work.

Maybe you’ve noticed.

It’s always best to resolve problems early-on… before they get worse. You’ll save time, money, and energy.

A stitch in time saves nine.

My friend, life doesn’t have to be a struggle. It really doesn’t. I offer solutions guaranteed to make your life a whole lot easier. Nothing is off-limits. Health, wealth, relationships, parenting, personal performance, addictions, spirituality, business, and anything else I might have left out… there”s a guaranteed solution for your specific problem.

There are two ways to go about it.

1 For the quickest results, cut to the chase and contact me now.

2 Try everything else first and use me as your last resort – when everything else has failed.

It may sound like I’m bragging. I’m not.I just report the facts. I solve problems others can’t even see.

It makes a difference.

A BIG difference.

Feel free to email me if you’re ready for a bigger and better, more joyful life of greater freedom and satisfaction.

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This Is Where You Begin

Life is simple.

Life is easy.

Life is good.

Because our fear-based societal program was forced upon you as a child long ago, your life is complicated, difficult, and far less enjoyable than it was ever meant to be.

There is hope though. In fact, when you come to know what I know, and you will if you stick around, you’ll see there is more than hope. Because regardless of your situation, there is a simple solution readily available to you that not only CAN work…

It can’t NOT work!

Yes, I know this goes against conventional thinking. That’s because the things I teach are not common sense. You see,  common sense is… common. It is what has gotten you where you are today. If that’s good enough for you… fine. Read no further.

But if you want more out of life, of the things that really matter, common sense is going to come up short. You see, it’s like this, if you want MORE… you need something… MORE. So, I’ll leave common sense to those who teach common things.

Instead I will share UN-common sense with you – the wisdom I’ve gathered in a lifetime of doing almost everything the hard way.  You see, I’m not that smart. It’s just that I’ve always focused on a rather narrow scope of life – finding an easier way.

And I’ve always found it.

You could have done the same as I, but your focus was invested elsewhere. Not better or worse – just different.

I took the Teacher’s journey. I did life the hard way. I can’t say it was planned that way. But what I’ve learned along the way enables me to teach the easier way. And now, knowing that easier way, I want to share it with you…

IF you want a bigger and better, more joyful life.

You’re going to need an open mind though. Because everything I teach is contrary to most of what you currently believe. There’s really not much value in me teaching you what you already know.

We need to go higher.

The problem can never be solved from the same

level of consciousness that created it.

–Albert Einstein

You’ve been thinking small. Thinking things that are contrary to who you really are. And that has led you to a smaller life than what you intended. It’s time to think… more. More of what you are wanting – more feeling good – greater joy.

Because I know the power and magnificence that you truly are. And I believe it’s time to move the obstacles out of your way so you can be the bigger you and live the larger life you desire

Remember… I’ve invested my life to finding easier ways – to everything. And what I’ve discovered is joy, or the lack of it, affects every aspect of your life: health, wealth, relationships, parenting, personal performance, spirituality, and yes… even your business.

Joy is not fluff. If you’re wanting to create anything more in your life, you need to know that joy greases the wheels of creation.

When you engage with me, I see it as my job to understand what you want .and what is possible and to do my best to find the easiest path, the path of least resistance, that will get you where you want to be.

And I’m really, really, really good at that. I’ve always been good at it, but I’ve gotten exponentially better at it with each succeeding year.

My friend, it’s easy to become disheartened when life hasn’t turned out the way you wanted it. But I assure you: not one bit of your life has been wasted. You’ve learned much along the way. You’ve gained greater clarity. You know what you want and what you don’t want in your life.

This will serve you well going forward. Because knowing what you want is the first step in creating the bigger and better life you desire. And I believe it’s time that all of us begin receiving more of what we have been asking for. It is your God-given birthright.

Ask and it is given.

-Jesus the Christ

My friend, my greatest thrill is to take you higher – to a place where you know your unlimited creative power – embrace it – and use it to create the bigger and better, more joyful life that is waiting for you. The one that has YOUR name on it.

Because, if you’re not living a joyful life… what DO you have?

My friend, it’s time. Climb aboard and hang on tight. You’re in for the ride of your life!

Let’s GO!

Feel free to email me if you’re ready for a bigger and better, more joyful life of greater freedom and satisfaction.

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Why Stress Management Is a Bad Idea

There are thousands of so-called stress management experts out there. But why would you want to manage stress when it’s actually easier to eliminate it?

It’s kind of like picking up a nail in your car tire. Each morning and afternoon you need to stop at a gas station to air it up. Or you could stop at the tire shop and have them FIX it.


Stress management is like the first scenario. The 30 Day Stress Cure is the second.  You get to choose – manage your stress on a daily basis from now until forever. Or discover the cause of your stress, eliminate the cause,  and watch your stress disappear.

I’ll be talking a lot more about eliminating stress as time goes by. Stay tuned. More to come at

For now, check out one of many informative articles on the stress – disease connection.  How stress influences disease.

Feel free to email me if you’re ready for a bigger and better, more joyful life of greater freedom and satisfaction.

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Life Can Be a Bowl of Cherries

I want to share something with you that I found rather interesting. I have a cherry tree bearing fruit now. Each day it yields a few more. If I wait until they turn a deep crimson red, the flavor is amazing. If I pick them a day earlier, they’re good, but not amazing.

Since I was anxious to get some early cherries, I’ve been picking them that one day earlier. Each day… one day early. I finally realized I was short-changing myself on the ultimate goodness they could yield.

So, I decided to take a day off from picking. Good move. Now I’m getting luscious, crimson red, juicy, sweet cherries – every day. I just leave the ones that are almost ripe for the next day.


Not a bad deal for a wee bit of patience. I’ll let you draw your own conclusion as to how this applies in your world.

I learn so much from Nature. I’ve discovered that life and business CAN be… a bowl of cherries.

Feel free to email me if you’re ready for a bigger and better, more joyful life of greater freedom and satisfaction.

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Best Game In Town

I see life, and business, as a chess game. I am one of the pieces. A King perhaps. In the old days I had to push and pull the other pieces to get what I wanted, out of fear of not getting what I wanted. It was a struggle. It was painful. It didn’t work.

Today I see things differently. The game has changed. The board, instead of being 64 spaces square, now goes off endlessly in all directions. I stand in the middle of this board, the center of my universe, with others of like mind and intention.

Others are either attracted to me or repelled from us by our powerful, combined energy streams. There is no pushing and pulling. It is not necessary. Without fear, it is all but effortless.

When I play this game, it feels as if all is right with the world. It feels like being in love. I feel as if I’m floating along, being carried by I don’t know what, but I know it feels good. And I want more of it. ALL of it. I am insatiable.

When I play this game, no other world exists – nor needs to.

THIS is the game I came here to play. It is exciting, rewarding, satisfying, and all the other superlatives combined and amplified a thousand times.

It’s the BEST game in town.

It’s the game YOU came here to play.

Want to play?

A good place to  start? Get my book; Struggle Less – Profit More. Available on Amazon.. Then email me if you’re ready for a bigger and better, more joyful life of greater freedom and satisfaction.

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Tell a Bigger Story

Whether you realize it or not, you are an expert storyteller. We all are. Every storyteller has a signature story – one story they’re especially known for. Typically it’s your life story.

What’s yours? Does it match who you REALLY are? Perhaps a better question to ask…

Is it fiction or non-fiction?

Don’t be too quick to answer. Most of us have been telling our story so long we forget it is but a twisted tale of our imagination. I contend the vast majority of signature stories are just that.

Pure fiction.

Fun stuff.

My story has changed over the years with my latest being the simplest – just the opposite of what you might think. It goes something like this…

I am spirit – in a body. I am unlimited. I came here to Playground Earth to create – and play – and have fun. It’s all a game. I decide what I want, focus.upon it, allow it, and it is mine.

The greater, non-physical part of me guides me via my feelings. When I heed them and go with the flow, I can not lose. I’ve done it before so I know I can do it again.

It’s a bit of a challenge, but it IS fun. I only need to take a moment to step back and remember it IS just a game. In fact, it’s the most highly evolved game in the universe. And I’m right at the leading edge of it all – creating my world with my thoughts and the story I tell. That’s pretty cool.

So my friend, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it… until a better one comes along.

If you want to live a bigger life, perhaps it’s time to tell a bigger story. Pull out your signature story and have a look. Maybe it just needs some light editing. Then again, it might be the time for a complete rewrite.

Either way, have fun with it.

Feel free to email me if you’re ready for a bigger and better, more joyful life of greater freedom and satisfaction.

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Business Opportunities – Right Under Your Nose?

One of the things I truly enjoy is growing tropical fruit. Throughout the year I have Bananas, Mangoes, Papayas, Lychees, Persimmons, Limes, Tangerines, Calamondines, Starfruit, Eggfruit, Surinam Cherries, and more.

Each morning I go outside to see what is available. Awhile ago I visited my favorite Surinam Cherry tree only to find there were no ripe cherries available. Too bad.

Then I crouched down a bit and looked again from a different angle – a different perspective.


There, where just a moment earlier there were none, there was plenty. Obscured by leaves, I didn’t see the fruit at first glance. By shifting my perspective though, I was able to reap a little harvest, delight my taste buds, and put a smile upon my face.

Why do I tell you this?

Because there are business opportunities, that would put a smile on your face, lurking right under your nose – right NOW! Lots of them. You can’t see them because you need to shift your perspective – just as I did.

You can read about how I accomplished what any biz owner will tell you is impossible. Yet… I did it.  Check it out here.

That’s one of the big things I do with my clients – get them to see things differently. It’s amazing what they find.

Start looking for the opportunities you desire – not from a place of believing there aren’t any, but from knowing there are plenty. BIG difference!

And if you KNOW there are PLENTY of opportunities, if every cell of your being vibrates in that knowing, what’s left?

ALLOW those opportunities to find you. Maintain your knowing, amplify your joy, and law of attraction will do all the hard work for you. Yes, you can help. And that’s the fun part. You can make a phone call, send an email, or meet for lunch to seal the deal.

There’s really no need to struggle though. Shift your perspective and everything changes. Make it a fun, creative endeavor instead of a struggle. You’ll very soon see not enough replaced by plenty.

And you might like that.

Feel free to email me if you’re ready for a bigger and better, more joyful life of greater freedom and satisfaction.

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Top 10 Joy Tips

Here are ten quick tips for creating more joy in your life. It’s so easy to get caught up in the busyness of your day and leave your joy behind.

BIG mistake!

Because it’s sooo easy to drift across the line without even realizing it – until it’s too late.  Watch the video on what happens when you cross the joy line – here.

One day turns into two… which turns into ten… which turns into a month… and before you know it… another year has gone by with little joy in it.

Does it matter? I believe it does. Because if you’re not living a joy-filled life…

What DO you have?

Maybe print these out on 3×5 cards and refer to a different one each day – several times per day. The key part in this is how frequently you remind yourself to check which side of the joy line you’re on.

Do it. You are worth it.

    Source, also known by many other names, does not judge you. Source adores you – just as you are. So stop judging yourself so harshly. Love yourself more – just as you are.

    Judging others doesn’t work. It certainly doesn’t bring you joy. Give it up.

    Joy and stress are mutually exclusive. When you’re stressed, you’ve left your joy behind. When you’re in the joy zone, stress disappears. Joy it up!

    There is no value in being serious. It is an anchor that weighs you down. Cut it loose!

    Don’t take what others say personally. You’re giving away your power. Thank others for their opinions – no matter how absurd.

    Worry is learned behavior. It is not natural, normal, nor necessary. There is zero benefit in worry. So why do it? Give it up.

    Eliminate “must”, “should”, “have to”, and anything similar from your vocabulary. Because you always have a choice.

    Leave yesterday behind. Before you even open your eyes in the morning, set forth your intention for greater joy that day. Bring forth from yesterday only those things that bring you joy. Leave the rest behind.

    Appreciate others more – especially those who push your buttons. You don’t have to hang out with them, but realize others only mirror what you believe back to you. It is a gift!

    Stop multiple times throughout your day to FEEL how you feel in that moment. How you feel is your inner guidance, a.k.a. intuition or gut feeling. Pay attention to it and change thoughts that don’t feel good to ones that do.

Feel free to email me if you’re ready for a bigger and better, more joyful life of greater freedom and satisfaction.

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