Tell a Bigger Story

Whether you realize it or not, you are an expert storyteller. We all are. Every storyteller has a signature story – one story they’re especially known for. Typically it’s your life story.

What’s yours? Does it match who you REALLY are? Perhaps a better question to ask…

Is it fiction or non-fiction?

Don’t be too quick to answer. Most of us have been telling our story so long we forget it is but a twisted tale of our imagination. I contend the vast majority of signature stories are just that.

Pure fiction.

Fun stuff.

My story has changed over the years with my latest being the simplest – just the opposite of what you might think. It goes something like this…

I am spirit – in a body. I am unlimited. I came here to Playground Earth to create – and play – and have fun. It’s all a game. I decide what I want, focus.upon it, allow it, and it is mine.

The greater, non-physical part of me guides me via my feelings. When I heed them and go with the flow, I can not lose. I’ve done it before so I know I can do it again.

It’s a bit of a challenge, but it IS fun. I only need to take a moment to step back and remember it IS just a game. In fact, it’s the most highly evolved game in the universe. And I’m right at the leading edge of it all – creating my world with my thoughts and the story I tell. That’s pretty cool.

So my friend, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it… until a better one comes along.

If you want to live a bigger life, perhaps it’s time to tell a bigger story. Pull out your signature story and have a look. Maybe it just needs some light editing. Then again, it might be the time for a complete rewrite.

Either way, have fun with it.

Feel free to email me if you’re ready for a bigger and better, more joyful life of greater freedom and satisfaction.

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