Best Game In Town

I see life, and business, as a chess game. I am one of the pieces. A King perhaps. In the old days I had to push and pull the other pieces to get what I wanted, out of fear of not getting what I wanted. It was a struggle. It was painful. It didn’t work.

Today I see things differently. The game has changed. The board, instead of being 64 spaces square, now goes off endlessly in all directions. I stand in the middle of this board, the center of my universe, with others of like mind and intention.

Others are either attracted to me or repelled from us by our powerful, combined energy streams. There is no pushing and pulling. It is not necessary. Without fear, it is all but effortless.

When I play this game, it feels as if all is right with the world. It feels like being in love. I feel as if I’m floating along, being carried by I don’t know what, but I know it feels good. And I want more of it. ALL of it. I am insatiable.

When I play this game, no other world exists – nor needs to.

THIS is the game I came here to play. It is exciting, rewarding, satisfying, and all the other superlatives combined and amplified a thousand times.

It’s the BEST game in town.

It’s the game YOU came here to play.

Want to play?

A good place to  start? Get my book; Struggle Less – Profit More. Available on Amazon.. Then email me if you’re ready for a bigger and better, more joyful life of greater freedom and satisfaction.

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