Why Stress Management Is a Bad Idea

There are thousands of so-called stress management experts out there. But why would you want to manage stress when it’s actually easier to eliminate it?

It’s kind of like picking up a nail in your car tire. Each morning and afternoon you need to stop at a gas station to air it up. Or you could stop at the tire shop and have them FIX it.


Stress management is like the first scenario. The 30 Day Stress Cure is the second.  You get to choose – manage your stress on a daily basis from now until forever. Or discover the cause of your stress, eliminate the cause,  and watch your stress disappear.

I’ll be talking a lot more about eliminating stress as time goes by. Stay tuned. More to come at

For now, check out one of many informative articles on the stress – disease connection.  How stress influences disease.

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